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English is Not Difficult as You Think

In this modern era, Asean Ecomonic Community (MEA) very influence the mayority people in the world. Many people who need development of foreign language. Pare is one of the right place to developing foreign language, Especially International language. Many People have known Pare as an English village , the village where filled  many English courses and the environment very supporting to developing the science which we have got in the course.
Do you realize if actually English is not just stuck in Grammar and speaking??
Whereas the correlation between grammar and speaking are so many, but for the mayority people think when they master speaking they would not care how about the structure of grammar, and when they have mastered grammar, they difficult to apply grammar to speak. For example, many advanced students will use “go” when they should use “went”. They know that “went” is correct, but go is stuck deep in their brain. They know the grammar rules but they dont feel the grammar automatically. We can take from this example that the correlation between grammar and speaking is necessary. Because when we want to speak we have to know the grammar rules, and if we have known about grammar well, we have to be brave to practice in speaking. I got many experiences when I studied about grammar and speaking, I will tell about the methods of learning grammar and speaking.
1.    Speaking
The important one in this subject is brave to speak what they want to say. But the tutor will not allow the students speak in the wrong way. After they finished their speaking, the tutor will correct one by one their mistakes. Every meeting the tutor will not give the material of speaking, and usually they called this subject as sudden speech. Why do the tutor choose the subject as sudden speech? Because when the tutor gives the material in the beginning, they  will think to prepare and memorize their text. It will make them think based on the text. But, in this occasion the tutor wants they improve their skill without preparation. So, we can take the conclusion of this methods are we must prepare everything before joining the class and we have to be ready about the material in every meeting.
2.    Grammar
Study about grammar is not always think about the formula, but we  have to know about the word classification. In order to we can make the correct sentences using a correct stucture. In this subject the tutor gives the method that we have to understand about time signal in every tenses. So, we can know what  tenses are from the time signal. For example, in the boarding house suddenly the lamp off, And all of people in boarding house scream like “Hey.. the lamp is dead... the lamp is dead..” whereas in grammar the function of “Dead” just for animate object except human, and the correct is “The lamp off”. There is a case when somebody can not reach the lamp, he said “my hand not until”. he should say “I can not reach the lamp” but he speak did not use the correct grammatical. That cases often happen in the real activity. So, the correlation between grammar and speaking very necessary.
Why study pronunciation is important for us???
Pronunciation is the main aspect of skill language. Because throught the pronunciation to avoid the abstract sentences and miss understanding when they speak. But Indonesia society morNamun masyarakat Indonesia yang berkesempatan belajar bahasa concerned grammar than pronunciation. Althouhgh many people are fluent in English language, but their pronunciation wrong where they can not differentiate between sound “beg” and “bag”, “day” and “they” that can caused miss understanding by wrong pronunciation and different mean. So, the correlation between pronunciation and speaking are necessary to avoid miss understanding. One of the methods of study pronunciation are with study word phonetic and the pronunciation of alphabet. After knowing how to stress, pronunciation alphabet, we asked to choose accent between American and British accent. After that in every meeting we listened the audio and practicing pronunciation based on word connection of American or British accents.  In order to can be practicing us to speak based on native speaker.
What is the correlation between grammar and writing?
If we study English,  grammar is the important subject to strenghten the structure. Because without grammar, certainly we can not speak or write clearly. We can improve our skill in writing through grammar. Grammar is also necessary to reach a scholarship in abroad . Because that one of the criteria to enter in a college there through the toefl and ielts test. By writing, we are free to choose the right structure through grammar. Although writing english looks difficult, but when we have mastered the vocabularies and the structure of linguistic, we will feel that writing in English is not difficult as you imagine.
Is the vocabulary necessary for learning English???
In learning English, vocabulary has a necessary position. As much as we have the vocabularies will be easier to explain our idea in English by writing or speaking. Through the vocabulary, we will be easy to understand when everyone speak with us or make it easy in reading and writing English article and understanding the vocabularies of pronunciation word. We have to master all the function of the vocabularies. It can be verb, noun or adverd. For example “Love” love is verb which can not be verb-ing. We can use “Love” with Verb-ing when we want to make a sentence gerund as subject that the function is changed by noun. So, if we want to increase the vocabularies, we can read the magazine, especially “Jakarta Pos” then we can retell based on our understanding.
Thats all the information that I can take from my experiences. Dont be afraid to study English, because English is not difficult as you think. If you think that English is difficult, automatically your mind will follow your perseption.

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